Down the mountain



These sisters arrived today as did a 12 year old boy named Anderson. The girls are Maria, Dayanna and Melanie.

Dr. Lou called about  7 year old dropped at his hospital who is needing dialysis but his family brought his clothes to the hospital and said they no longer wanted him. His name is Keiser and he should come within the next few days.

Yesterday was a mountain top experience with the money coming in for the land and LSU making the decision to do research on kidney failure. But last night Satan raised his ugly he’d & I fought a situation until 5pm today which is over 24 hours. It sickened me!

The quarterback of my high school team was an awesome athlete and a good friend. Last night he passed away as again our Bunkie panthers lost one of our own.


Of course we can learn from every attack. So I want to share with you one of my most favorite words: ENDURANCE.

As you may know from my whining I have been in pain for years with my back/leg damages and now post-opt recuperation. But there is no pain to compare to heart pain caused by rejection, lost love, broken promises and even shame.

I want to admit to you that I was not ready for the road to recovery. I have experienced depression and doubt because I would think that I should be doing better or feeling better. I experienced anger because I could not do what I was doing before. The surgery did not eliminate the pain I had before surgery. It was a bitter battle and I felt like an invalid to having everyone do so much for me. Even today Glads and Dottie about took my head off for reaching down to help clean the room.

Now I am ashamed of the way I acted the last 2 months. I am recovering and I am resigned to the fact it will still be another 4 months before I can be a normal father/husband/again.. Self-pity is never Jesus focused—it is always focus on ourselves.

Hang on for more!