Decisions #6


Emilio arrived at 5am
Emilio arrived at 5am

We have many visitors so I had to preach to them separately since there were not enough chairs and that many interpreters would have been too loud & confusing. A Georgia team arrived so we should get much accomplished this week with 3 teams.

Two of my daughters, Tanya and Crissy, and their families are coming this week for 2 weeks so Dottie and I are very excited.

Lee and Candy now have 60 boys in their dorm so they had to open the 4th bedroom & move boys here & there. They have such a heart & want to take as many boys as can sleep in the dorm.


Esteeming the Word, Choosing the good, Rejecting the bad,Walking away from your Egypt and now ENDURING are the steps in wise decision making. Hebrews 11: 27 says that Moses “Endured as seeing Him who is invisible”. We must hang in until we have our answer from God. My secretary use to say “You tie a knot at the end of your rope and just hold on”.

To endure is to be like steel. It means to be patient. We live in a microwave world where we cannot wait any time for anything. We want it right now. I remember Dottie asking me to pick up some chicken after church when we lived in Lake Charles. I pulled through the drive-up at KFC and they said it would be 7 minutes so I just drove off and bought something else. I could not wait.

yet when I was a kid and I asked for chicken my grandmother sent me to the chicken yard to catch a chicken. I wrung the neck and boiled ager so I could remove the feathers. Then we were able to cook the chicken so it was about an hour before we had chicken. How we have changed!!!