Decisions #5


Paco was robbed on his way to work and one of the Vencedore’s boys broke his arm so Saturday began with a bang.

Dottie bought an Eucalyptus tree & planted it in front of Estrelitas in honor of Jorge.

At 5:30am we were given a new boy who is 12. IMG_2467 Snack Time

Teams from the Woodlands, Tx and Chicago are here with another team coming Sunday.



Esteeming or valuing the Word of God is the first step in making good decisions. Choosing what is best and rejecting what is not healthy is the next step in decision making. It is here where your priorities are seen. How will this affect your relationship with God and with others. If we choose only those things that are for this natural world then we enter the kingdom of Heaven empty handed with nothing to lay at the feet of Jesus. You will choose what you value. If you think little of eternity you will feel the shame of foolish choices.

Then we are told in Hebrews 11 that the third step Moses took in making decisions was to forsake Egypt. That means after we choose and revue we must FOLLOW THROUGH with the positive choice. It is not enough to make a head acknowledgement of what is correct. You must then choose to walk away from that which is negative. Moses left Egypt and we must leave the natural hold we have for the world.

It is critical to levee the old life-the old ways– behind.