Decisions #2

The old man and the tree
The old man and the tree

We bought 50 more mattresses and are having 25 bunk beds made as we continue to grow.

I had my medical appointment and things are progressing well.

We went to immigration again and Dottie’s passport is still not ready.

The teams have worked in Dottie’s kitchen, Michelle’s bathroom, our new storage building, painted the clinic and passed out blankets & pillowcases to every dorm.


Refused, Chose, Esteemed, Forsook, Endured, Kept and Passed Through are the 7 steps to decision making as taught to us by Moses. God was not making Moses do anything. He gave Moses a choice. Since Moses is said to “have come of age” there is an understanding that there is a time in our lives when we will be held accountable. Remember Moses was not always wring in God’s timing. He once killed and Egyptian which set him back 40 years in ministry.

Hebrews 11:26 says that Moses ESTEEMED Christ more than the riches of Egypt. This simply means that Moses made a quality decision to weigh the choices or weigh the options. Life is not a seesaw. You will be either up or down based on your decisions. You must always choose between what you want to do and what you ought to do. Too many people make decisions based on the spur of the moment and not upon careful thought. They do not measure the consequences nor realize they will give an account.

Moses saw that his relationship with God was more valuable than money or riches or fame or position.

You will only make good decisions based upon how you regard the Word of God. You cannot make quality decisions if you do not respect God’s Word. But, too often, people to not place any value in what God says in His Word. You cannot gain any value from something that you do not ESTEEM.

The things that you value will determine your course in life. Whatever Satan offers is temporary wheres everything God offers is permanent.