Can you believe for a miracle

Katherine and Blanca
Katherine and Blanca

When you read this please pray as at 10am because we will make an offer on the 1.75 acres of property behind Casa & then Tuesday I meet with Dr. Lou. We are stepping out to begin putting everything in place for an additional dozen to twenty children needing a kidney miracle (transplant or dialysis).

Years ago Dottie & I adopted a baby whom the courts said was severely mentally retarded. Yesterday he took his last final exam for his first semester in college. All A’s & B’s! But more importantly he has become a dream son. Orlando, his real name is not Mynor is so helpful, kind and humble. The future is unlimited for him.


Ruth is a woman in the Bible who teaches us how to love. First, we said that you show love by sticking with the other person regardless. Through think and thin you are there. For better or worse; richer or poor, etc.

Secondly, you show love by adjusting to the other person. Dottie and I were so different yet in love. I was so devoted to sports and she was a mall person. Over time we adjusted to the needs of each other and the rest is a 51 years history.

Thirdly, you show love by going beyond your comfort zone. Ruth followed Naomi into Bethlehem where she was an outcast  in many ways. Her religion, her background, her nationality and so on. Ruth actually said that the God of Naomi would be Ruth’s God also. She would live where Naomi lived and even die where Naomi died. The average marriage is a mess. Not just the 50% who divorce but the many others that are stubborn, unyielding and selfish.

The years have been good to dottie and me. Walking together with Jesus as our Partner we have stuck it out; adjusted and gone way beyond our comfort zones.  But there are two more thoughts we can learn from Ruth.

Stay tuned!!