Happy Boys
Happy Boys

I want to thank everyone who is prying for me. the last two days have been the most pain-free days since the surgery 7 weeks ago.

Tony , Tanya & Crissy are taking me to lunch Monday for father’s day.


Only God can see the whole picture.  He knows the past, present and future. It is as though God has a dart that is pre-written & he opens the diary each day and only reveals to us why He wants at that moment.

So what is my part? First, my motives must be pure. James 4:3 tells me that God does not answer those who ask with the wrong motives. the example given in that scripture is that we ask in order to spend it on ourselves.  It is as though we think God is a genie and we get “wishes”.

Jesus prayed in Matthew 26:39 that “Not my will but your will be done”.  So, secondly, I must surrender my will to His will if I expect to walk hand-in-hand with God.

A third problem is found in Psalms 119:105 where we are told that His Word is a lamp unto our feet. If we do not seek God’s will THROUGH HIS WORD we will fail in hearing His voice. It is the Word that teaches and guides us.

Fourth, Psalms 66:18 tells me that i I have sin in my life my prayers will go unheard and unanswered. We cannot live any way that we desire and expect God to bless us. I have heard people say “i am saved and all my sins are forgiven.” This is true but you cannot use that for an excuse to break His laws and think He will let it go. My children are my children but if they disobey they will lose blessings.

More tomorrow