Three weeks

[caption id="attachment_2787" align="alignnone" width="225"]My son-in-law, Ezdras, baptizing those who committed their lives to Jesus. My son-in-law, Ezdras, baptizing those who committed their lives to Jesus.[/caption]

It has been 3 weeks since my surgery & I finally feel as though my strength is slowly returning. The throbing, massive, cannot sleep type of pain has slowly been easing up.

We have a large group of physicians, dentists & optometrists here to check our children and also pend a few days treating folks in surrounding communities.

Martin Luther had dying words that I suppose any man/woman of God would love to say as they leave this world. His last sermon was 3 days before he died and he concluded by saying "There is so much to say about the Gospel of God but I am so weak". Sometimes I wonder if I have done a decent job of preaching His Word. God's Word, if correctly studied and preached, it will take a physical toll upon your mind and body. But it is the greatest call of all the marvelous things God has asked His children to do.

As we approach 5,000 children having come to Casa since 1989 I wonder how many of my children heard---really heard---what I had been saying to them of the life of Jesus, the main themes of the Bible and the application of the truths found throughout the pages of the Bible.

I want them to believe that the Bible is true.

I want them to see that the Bible can be applied to EVERY are of our lives.

I want them to see that they need to grow spiritually after their salvation.

Every parent should be a teacher of the Word.