Rotary Clubs from the US and Guatemala, along with Casa's medical team
Rotary Clubs from the US and Guatemala, along with Casa’s medical team

We worked on Josue’s thesis for the university and he is nearing his second degree. Then I made radio shows but it took Tony and Mynor to be able to download them.


David was a man after God’s heart and one of the obvious truths of David’s life was that he was teachable. Psalms 86:11 “Teach me your way, O Lord”. The natural man does not need to be taught how to live a natural life. The natural man knows how to lie, fight, steal, be selfish, curse and the like. So we do not need to ask Him “Lord, teach us to be stupid”.

When I think of education (teaching or learning or teachable) I think first of all about children. We send our children to school in order to learn so that they can have a blessed future. In fact, some parents even start their children in the educational process at age 4 or even younger. ¬†Jesus used this very thought when He said in Matthew 11:25 “Unless you become as little children” which mean that unless we are teachable we will fail.

What causes a child to fail academically can normally be traced back to not paying attention or having doubts in their own ability. The average little child TRUSTS his teachers. The doubts are what destroy us as Christians. God shows us something in His Word and we “BUT” it to death. Even when Moses was told by God to go to Pharaoh he “BUTTED” God by saying “Lord I do have a glib tongue.” ¬†“Lord, Pharaoh will not believe me”.

If God says it then it is true. We must be teachable.