howdy folks…

18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Romans 8:18

my first time to post on the new site so here goes.
Vilma and I hope that you are all being blessed and Living CHRIST Loud!!! Things have been moving right along here. We have been blessed to start knowing some people from “Adventures in Mission (AIM)” that is located in antigua and they want to possibly help disciple our children, which is really cool with the vision GOD has put on our hearts with the retreat place. 🙂 So we will see what the LORD has for that.

A team from destiny worship in Florida left this morning. They painted some doors in the baby dorm,joined a night street ministry in the city one night, played with the kids, put the above verse on a wall, did some chicky smores, and supported an outreach party out on the coast with us on Saturday. I would say a productive week, definitely a blessed one for many.

On Thursday night we joined another ministry in the city that the team had a contact too. As we get to the first place it was literally outside a glass business on the side of the street. Where a guy helps homeless people that are on the street or people that are diggin through trash to make a buck, by bringin them a sandwhich and soup etc. Not only feedin them phsically but feedin them spiritually by bringin the WORD of GOD. We went to about 5 stops that night and one of them there were probably about 15-20 people sittin in a spot on the sidewalk and you could smell the glue.As we got out and they started bringin the WORD, Vilma noticed one of the boys there and said Adam look who that is and as I looked it was one who used to live at casa. I waited to be sure it was him because he had grown up a bit since I last saw him. So as they gave out the food one of his buddies there called his name. We walked up to him and I asked if he remembered us and he did. Vilma was really heartbroken because she got attached to him while he was at casa. But as I began to pray and reflect I was reminded of GOD’s love. Here’s how: This boy used to live at Casa but because he was a kid and didnt like it he ran. Not knowing it was for his benefit. Yet while he was there he heard the WORD of GOD and the TRUTH there in it. Then I felt GOD said “Adam look I am still drawing that boy to ME.” How great is GOD’s love for us in that while we run HE still chases after us? Our prayer is that every kid who comes through casa aleluya whether it be for 1 day, 1 month, 1 year or 20 years, that GOD would manifest HIMSELF in their heart. Now by this street ministry GOD is still chasing after this young boy. I believe that is because of not only our prayers but your prayers for our children. So if a kid has left that you were attached too dont stop prayin. GOD’s Not Done!!! If they are still there dont stop prayin GOD is hearing your prayers for them.

Thanks for all yal do for us…
Gotta get some stuff packed for our trip to the states on Saturday hope to see some of yal.

blessings in CHRIST,
Adam and Vilma Clemmons

Live HIM Loud!!!