The children on dialysis
The children on dialysis

The medical teams are looking at EVERY child on the property. Even before they began this morning there were 3 new children sent to us. Each of our ladies will be responsible for lunch each day for the 31 medical folks (Americans). There are also another 50 Guatemalan physicians and assistants. There is also a contractor with the team & he has already worked on major projects.


One of the neurologists whom I spoke with in Shreveport told me to just do less and if I could not live with the pain then have surgery. The neurologist here in Guatemala told me that if I would stop trying to live like a 50 year old and live like a normal 71 year old I would probably not need surgery. “Act Retired” he said.

But I remembered something I had read years ago and what came to mind was one sentence. “IT IS TOO EARLY TO QUIT”. Colossians 4:17 “See to it that you complete the work that the Lord has given you”. Did you ever feel like throwing in the towel? Have you gotten tired of your marriage or your job? What about being a church worker or some other ministry? We all get tired and want to quit from time to time.

I look at this ministry and there have been a number of times I thought it would be best to quit. Opposition from staff or board members! Financial pressures! Unappreciative kids! It would have been so nice at the time for God to have said “Go”. But He didn’t and I am glad that in every case we rode out the storm.

Sampson was a strong man who thought that he could handle anything. One day he killed a lion and when he returned later along that road he saw that there were bees inside the lion. They had begun a hive and there was Honey in the lion. Sampson grabbed a handful and ate it up.He tasted the honey. The problem with most folks is the run when there is a lion so they never taste the honey.

If just 3 years ago Dottie and I would have quit and left Guatemala we would have never known the dialysis children. In fact, I could writ pages of things we would have missed had we QUIT TOO SOON.

Be careful when you make decisions.