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[caption id="attachment_2922" align="alignnone" width="225"]The dialysis children come visit me often. This is Cindy The dialysis children come visit me often. This is Cindy[/caption]

All of the dialysis children had their cardiological exams & Wendy has grown more serious. Her heart continues to enlarge. We were blessed to get two more children today.   Spirit, Soul and Body make up man and make a marriage successful. We have spoken about the body so let us move on to the soul. The soul is what is referred to as our psychological make-up. It consists of the intellect. So a couple must think together. It consists also of the will. You must make decisions together. You have a will which means determination. The most common basis for divorce is INCOMPATIBILITY. sadly, some people simply cannot live together compatibly. How sad it is to discover tho AFTER the wedding ceremony and not before. Jumping into a relationship or ignoring the obvious is destructive. Not taking time to KNOW who the other person really is will bring destruction to your future marriage. Billy Graham said that"he and his wife were happily incompatible". What Brother Graham was saying was that he and his wife did not try to solve their problems without Jesus. Prayer was the foundation of their marriage and the Word was the Guide Book. If a couple reads the instructions and pray together than they can overcome the differences. Sadly prayer and the Word are usually the LAST thing people want to do when their marriage is struggling. Without the psychological make up of will, emotions and decision making a marriage without Jesus will try what they can in the natural and then throw the marriage away when it all fails.