1 + 1 = 1

[caption id="attachment_2908" align="alignnone" width="225"]I do not look good but I do feel so much better. I do not look good but I do feel so much better.[/caption]

Pastor Andy from The Woodlands Methodist church in the Woodlands, Texas shared with the children this morning. Josue and I worked on his thesis presentation which should be presented to his faculty this week.   The family as God intended for it to be has fallen by the way side. Marriages are more "for convenience" or "until I get bored with you". The greatest enemies of family life are divorce where we see over 50% of marriages collapsing. In fact, TV and the national psyche seems to indicate that young people are not interested in God's plan for marriage. Alcohol also is a tool of the devil to destroy families. I suppose you can throw in drug abuse in the mix with alcohol. Alcohol and drugs will ALWAYS cause families to teeter on disaster. But, as bad as divorce, drugs and alcohol are, I see the fascination with materialism and possession as the greatest of all culprits attacking the family. Too many parents think that the more toys we have and the more things we possess the happier we will be. But in a world filled with every type of toy known to mankind we see depression and disillusionment  in marriages everywhere. God gave Adam a garden filled with every type of animal, bird and fish but Adam saw nothing in that list that caused Adam to get excited and say "oh boy there she is!". God had orchestrated the entire situation and gave Adam an opportunity to view every living creature to bring him to where he realized that nothing that he saw caused him to desire that creature for his on. God had a plan! There wasn't anyone or anything which could satisfy Adam. But God put him to sleep and took a rib and made the perfect woman for Adam. "This is it!" Adam knew immediately that God had blessed him with the perfect spouse. I wonder how many men feel that God has provided them with the perfect spouse. And what God said was indeed revealing. The two shall be one! In fact, what God was saying was 1 + 1 = 1. God is three in One and man is 3 in one also. God is father, Son and Holy Spirit while man is Spirit, Soul and Body. Hang on cause God has a lot to say.