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Relaxing in front of my house
Relaxing in front of my house

Karen had her catheter removed today & will return Saturday. Sindy #2 is coming on Friday morning. So our dialysis family continues to grow.

If you want us when we are in the states here is where we will be.

Sept 7th in Patterson La with that night and Wed 10th night open.

Wed sept 17th open following Sunday night 14th in Lucedale Ms.

Sunday sept 21 morning in Hot Springs Ark with PM open as well as Wed 24th open

Sunday morning in Monroe La with PM open



God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Man is Spirit, Should and Body.

We have see that God desires that marriage be composed of those 3 areas. Body is the sexual relationship a man has with his wife as well as personal appearance, health and the like. Every couple should attempt to look the best for their spouse and try to stay as healthy as possible. If one member wants to eat junk food all of the time and the other wants to eat healthy not only will one die before the other but there will be conflicts. It is important that husbands and wives assist one another in the area of the body.

Secondly, e see that the soul is the area of the will, determination, attitude and communication. Every marriage will grow if (1) we learn to listen to one another.  Look at one another and turn off the television, computer, I phone, I pod or I Hop.  (2) Learn to handle your emotions. It never helps to get angry and I can tell you from my own life that anger will only destroy and not construct a relationship. (3) Learn to avoid words like “never” and “always”. Everyone who lives in a marriage knows there are words that become “BUTTONS” that when pushed will bring about negative results. (4) Learn not to dwell in the past. Dottie and I both have things we could draw from the past that we are ashamed of.  Each time you bring the past into the present you dump garbage on your marriage.

All of us need to be loved. We all need to be respected and we all need to feel appreciated. That should be a main goal of every marriage. Make those three things available for your spouse.