TThe drama team
The drama team

I have been trying to get everything in order as to banking, university tuitions, etc so that Dottie will not have any problems while I am in the hospital.


When Jesus was half-way through His 3 year ministry a large crowd gathered to hear Him. They remained until late afternoon when Jesus asked a question of him. “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” Jesus is testing Philip and you might as well understand that Jesus is constantly testing you and me also. ¬†Philip had been ‘learning’ and today was his test day. He had followed Jesus for 18 months and saw miracles, heard unbelievable lessons and saw the wonderful compassion of the Son of God. So he should have been ready to answer immediately. We learn so that we can know how to respond. Philip stammers out with a statement based on doubt and a lack of faith. He calculates that it would take 8 months salary just to give each person a bite of food. So he failed the first big test Jesus put in front of him. He would have to retake the class. At least Andrew went and brought the lad with loaves and fish. He took a step of faith that Jesus would honor. Philip would have to watch as Jesus again showed His awesome power over the natural. You and I are always being tested. Some folks have sat in churches or Bible studies and yet have never stepped out to the area where God can work miracles. Do not be one of them? Prepare for the test!