James and John #4

The younger kids praying for me at 3pm Friday as I entered surgery.
The younger kids praying for me at 3pm Friday as I entered surgery.


25th: Surgery day! And wouldn’t you know that a 5 year old fell in the baby dorm after being run over by a herd of little girls and broke his arm. Josue’ took him to the hospital & his elbow was fractured requiring surgery.

Mine was a six hour with 6 screws when we thought there would be 3 hours and 3 screws. The recovery was horrible and I even asked Dottie to have the doctor shoot me.

26th: Josue, Analy & Gladys came but I was so in pain I barely could speak with them. Gladys had good news of 6 new children we received with 4 of them in the baby dorm. Dr. Hines has been such a blessing and has come twice a day and he is a go-getter. I think he intimidated my physicians. I was able to rest better tonight and when the nurses woke me for medicine it was

27th: which is Dottie’s birthday so I sang to her and woke her up. But today was a great day as far as pain goes. Then we had so many visitors. The three above and then Marlin, Evelin, Andres, Estela, Michelle, Bubba, Sandra, Orlando, Hoses, Heidy, Tatiana, and so many others and more. They brought Dottie a birthday cake so we had a little happy time. I do feel so much better.

28th: New Xrays taken showed I will need calcium therapy. I will have to stay upstairs at home for 3 weeks and the recovery time is 6 months so Dottie has an old broke down husband. Since she is 71 and I am a young 70 so she is considering exchanging me for two 35 year olds.

I think that the Lord used the term “Sons of Thunder” to demonstrate how He can take a cold, hard heart and make it into a heart of Love. In fact, John who would write the Gospel of John and the 3 Epistles of John as well as the Book of Revelation would use the word “love” one-fourth of the times it is used in the New Testament. Love is used 232 times in the NT and John would use it over 60 times. In fact, in I John alone he will use “love” 21 times in that short book. He referred to himself a the disciple whom Jesus loved.

You did not just ‘sit’ by the main person at a feast. You had to be invited and obviously Jesus invited John to take that special place. I believe that John had a better realization as to who Christ was. As for Jesus, He surely knew the role John would play in the church with his writings.

Peter, james and John were without a doubt the 3 members of the inner circle of Jesus. They were the only 3 allowed when Jesus rose Jarius’s daughter from death. They were the only 3 on the Mount of Transfiguration.  They were the 3 brought near Him in the Garden of Gethsemane.  There reason is simple as Jesus had always taught “in the mouths of 2 or 3 witnesses’ so Peter, James and John were the main witnesses to Who Christ was and what He did.

Why these three?

Peter was a natural born leader and would write two books himself and give John Mark the information for the Book of Mark.

John would be able to write a clear understanding of Who Jesus was as the son of God as well as give a detailed writing of what is coming at the end of the age.

And James would be the first leader of the church in Jerusalem  as well as being the first martyr.