His Compassion

Can you tell who the new girl is?
Can you tell who the new girl is?

My college roommate, Bill, arrived with his wife Janet for a 10 day stay. His daughter and family will come Monday. He blessed me with an Apple Mac computer. It is so fancy.

We also received a new child, Jose David, age 7.


Yesterday when Karen visited and she was wearing the mask that she will wear for months as her body comes to accept the new kidney I could not help but think of Marjorie, Luis, Jose’, Wendy and Sindy without wondering “Why?”.

Karen is here because her family loved her that they realize living here is best for her since their situation of poverty & inability to provide the safe area for her recuperation. Whereas the other 5 are here because no one loved them enough to sacrifice a kidney to give them an opportunity to live. Why aren’t they loved enough?

Our teenagers here as well as a few Americans have tested to see if they are a match for any of the 5. None! I wish that I could answer why some folks live and others do not. But I know that God is sovereign and He does what is best to fulfill his plan.

But recently I was asked why I continue to take these children who have little hope and cost us so much. With the five children listed above as well as Genesis and now Karen & another Sindy the monthly cost will be extremely high. It will approach $15,000 per month when you consider medicines, cost of dialysis bags, food and utilities.

But I cannot turn them away and I know that although the courts are not sending as many “normal” children to homes such as ours in Guatemala it appears that the Lord has moved us into a medical situation to love, treat and guide children. How much is a soul worth? For 25 years God has been far and above anything I could have ever imagined.

Nearly 4700 children and every need has been met for a quarter of a century. Just try to imagine the food bills, utility bills, transportation bills, education bills, medical builds, construction, salaries of a large Guatemalan staff, etc?

I know that no matter how many children we take that are ill with kidney disease God will take care of it all.