Celia holding Gizzie
Celia holding Gizzie


Sindy is not doing well. Her catheter quit working and she is in the hospital.

My surgeon spent time with me again today and described what he wants to do with my back. I will have a bone density test in the morning to determine if my old goes can receive screws.


The third time we look at Andrew and determine more of who he was we see him with the big three (Peter, James and John) in Mark 13 where they ask Jesus “When will these things happen? What will be the signs?” His desire to know more is a characteristic that is not seen in many Christians. Digging into the Word for clearer revelations is not done by very many Christians.

The final mention of Andrew is in Acts 1:13-14 at a prayer meeting. So we first met Andrew seeking the Messiah and we leave him at a prayer meeting.

The 4th century historian, Eusebius, informs us that Andrew was a missionary in Scythia and therefore the patron saint of Russia. I shared Sunday with the teenagers that all of us have sinned. A number of year ago a tremendous minister known world wide failed in the area of sexual behavior. Later one of our presidents in the USA did pretty much the same thing. THE ENTIRE WORLD READ ABOUT IT!  But when we small folks do sinful things it i not on the airways or newspapers.

Andrew was not a man about whom books have been written or movies made. We know that much has been made of Perter and Paul. Andrew seems to be a quiet, thoughtful and unassuming. He just goes about being a man of God. He was not interested in making a name for himself. We do not see crowds following him or a city being stirred come and follow him.  He has no miraculous acts nor gray sermons written for history.

But tho unassuming man led his brother to the Lord Jesus Christ and through Peter millions have been saved, moved and encouraged. Without Andrew what would have happened to Peter?