Aquila and Priscilla #2


This is Champ--Dottie's newest baby
This is Champ–Dottie’s newest baby

I am absolutely broken hearted. I received word from Aroldo that the Guatemalan government has decided that they will no long provide medication for kidney transplant children. There are 48 whom we have seen receive transplants who now cannot afford the medication. The government also said that they will not treat children 12 and older who need transplants. I am sick! How ungodly! I
have asked God for years for a million dollars to help more children. Maybe it
is coming. Please pray. We now have $8,000 for a car for Aroldo & the
dialysis children.

In Marksville we were blessed with Melvin & Clo attending the service at Abundant Life. When the children in Guatemala hear me speak of Melvin they say “That is your pastor, right?” and for nearly 40 years that has been true.



Dottie is exhausted from the trip so I tried to get her to rest all day. She is concerned about my back condition. I am approaching 71 years of age and have NEVER been in a hospital bed except for my tonsils removed as a child. God has blessed my health all of these years. I m slowing down and at the board meeting we spoke of succession should anything happen to me. I will die in Guatemala so I will be able to be there assisting until the end which I hope is years away. My desire is that Casa will someday be administered by children who have been raised there and have a heart for ministry. God told Moses to write everything down that God had done and teach Joshua. For 25 years I have tried to be faithful to teach the children at Casa what God has done.


Aquila and Priscilla were bold Christians. They were faithful Christians. Faithfulness, to me, is the key to success s a child of God. Faithfulness is first of all obedience. There are thousands who hear the Word but do not obey. But obedience brings blessings.

The were obedient to God to open home churches. They did that in Pontus, Rome, Corinth, Ephesus and again in Rome. They were faithful to assist Paul both financially and physically. Traveling with him and working with him allowed Paul to have freedom to minister and it provided Paul with friends.

They were faithful to one another. The Bible is written in such a way that spiritual discernment provides much insight as we read-between-the-lines. The fact that they are mentioned 7 times in the Word and every time it is Priscilla and Aquila or Aquila and Priscilla indicates tht they were a tem. You cannot think of one without the other. There is no greater complement than that for a married couple.

1. Their Home Was A Guest House.

When Paul wrote in Romans 12:13 about hospitality he was thinking of Aquila and Priscilla. Do you know that hospitality means “love for strangers”. Dottie and I love to be alone on our trips home because we are constantly with others in Guatemala. But on this trip we stayed twice with two couples. The first was Larry and Sue in Wadesboro, NC. It truly was like being with a brother and sister.

The other place we stayed was with Fred and Pat in Ridgely, W.V. Both couples had a space for us and gave us all of the privacy we desired and wonderful fellowship. They did not try to entertain us and gave us space to rest and study. It was a “love for strangers”.