eye surgery 002

The boys helping me with the new shelving Juan constructed for our Christmas bodega. The weather in the deep south has cancelled CJ and the electrician’s trip tp work on the dialysis unit until Friday.

Lucy’s flight is still scheduled for Thursday.

Josue’ & Estella arrived to help with and participate in the wedding of Mario and Mariella. Tim took off for 2 days to rest before I leave.

It has been a very difficult last two days as we prepare to leave. Satan just fights until the end doesn’t he? Dottie will spend tomorrow and Friday getting Lucy up to date as she will stay in our house with our children. She did that when we went home in September so she knows what to do. The kids love her so that always makes a difference.

Friday I have a visit with a physician who wants to bring a large medical team to Casa. In fact, it would be the largest medical we have had. Then Saturday is the wedding and Sunday will be the last sermon for a while here to the kids. Monday we fly to the states and Tuesday we begin driving towards North Carolina where it appears “cool” weather awaits us.