Adam and Vilma

Larry took me to Wingate College which is a Baptist school so I could continue to look for books on Samuel.

Then they received a phone call from Alabama and their nephew was killed in a car accident. They will leave for Alabama tomorrow after the Rotary Club meeting.

Poor old John Mark! If the last lesson was the end of the matter it would be terrible but now we begin to see John Mark maturing and following his calling from God. He will eventually write the book of Mark. He will become Mark the Evangelist and travel to Alexandria, Egypt where he will establish the church there. He will be known as the Apostle who brought Christianity to Africa. Papias, a first century historian, in 140AD says that Mark was the interpreter for Peter meaning he wrote down the words of Peter and thus brought us the books of First & Second Peter.

But how did he get there? Paul is  prison in Rome and has written a letter to Colosse a 1000 miles away. Two men were with Paul. One was Aristarchus who was also imprisoned with Paul. But the other was none other than John Mark. It is 12 years since he deserted Paul and now he is visiting him in prison. Paul refers to John Mark as “my fellow worker”. (Colossians 4:24) At one time Paul did not want him around but now he needs him and cannot do without him. Paul was now willing to restore a broken relationship.

A year or so later Paul will be near death and he writes this “Get Mark and bring him with you, because he is helpful to me in my ministry”. (II Timothy 4:11)  The Bible does not tell us if John Mark and Timothy made it to Paul’s side before he died. But the truth is that after nearly 20 years John Mark has become the side-kick and helper to Paul that he had always wanted.

John Mark is 0one of my most favorite RETREADS. It gives me hope!

Is anything too hard for the Lord?????