babies on finger day 023Today we spoke via Skype with the Downtown Fayetteville Rotary Club concerning the Telemedicine project. The weather there was 6 degrees with 7″ of snow and still falling.

We received a new little boy, Milton, age 12.

As you read this you are on the new website and I trust it will be a blessing for you as well as much easier to use and discover Casa.

Have you noticed that the older you get the faster time seems to pass? In elementary school it seemed that recess would never come and then lunch would never come and finally 3pm would never come.

Getting older for me is not depressing. I realize that God is not finished with me yet. Someone once said “I am not what I can be. I am not what I should be. But, thank God, I am not what I used to be.

Every once in a while Dottie and I have to clean my desk area. I tend to allow messes to stack up on every side of me. Once it is clean it looks fine but then I begin making a mess again.

That is not deadly but if I allow my spiritual life to get messy that is a different story. In Philippians 3 Paul gives me an idea of how I can keep spiritual messes from accumulating. Tomorrow I will share with you what Paul says to us.