Mario and Mariella

Mariela_2048  Mario and Mariela

Josue’ & Gladys picked up 3 brothers at court. Mario, age 12, was here for a long time but sent home by the judge last year. His mother passed away so he and his younger brothers, Roberto, age 4, and Juan, age 7.

After 18 and 1/2 years I finally had to let Juan our welder go. He is probably the top welder in Guatemala but we just do not have any major building projects to do. He thanked me and shared that he came as an alcoholic but got saved here, quit drinking and these were the best years of his life.

Dottie got up at 4:30am to begin working on the flowers for the wedding. Angie made the cakes and as usual they were great. The wedding itself was windy, short and sweet and a great blessing to Dottie and me. To have two children, one from diapers, and the other at age 5 and watch them grow up together, get saved, fall in love and marry just thrills us.

CJ and Aaron are here and by Thursday the electrical will be ablazing and the commodes aflushing in the addition to the dialysis addition.

Yesterday we met with the Clarksville, Tennessee Rotary club about them bringing a large medical team in April or May. It appears that we will be able to accommodate them.

Dottie sold her first puppy so she feels that we will be able to sell the six available. She will keep two and the vet will get two. Our mayor bought the first one.