marios wedding 013   Bubba and Sandra celebrate their wedding anniversary in Antigua. Although married Sandra has maintained the highest grade point average of all the university students. Bubba is working full time, going to the university and has made me proud as he has become a faithful and loving husband and a super dad.


Telling Michelle goodbye is very difficult but she understood that part of this trip is to see a neurologist about my back. When I told her (Dottie always chickens out) she asked if Lucy was staying with her and when I said “Yes” she was at peace.

We will miss so much because the addition to dialysis should be complete and the new girl should be there when we return.

Tony will probably return to the states when we get back. He has been such a blessing to me and having my son working side-by-side with Dottie and me for so many years has meant the world to me. But I understand! Being single this type of ministry in a foreign country has to be difficult. And yet we have Angie, Jessie and Sharon who are all single so they are truly dedicated to the Lord. At any rate being praying for Tony as he makes plans to return and find a job, a place to live, etc. a job and get on with his life.

I always want my last lesson before I leave to be one that is so meaningful because it could always be the last one I teach. So I spoke of Death and where we go following death. Everyone has questions such as “Where are they?” and “What are they doing?” I tried to answer that question and a dozen teens gave their lives to Jesus as well as a visitor. God is so good.