babies on finger day 033The banking system went down today. at least on our banks, so I was scurrying around trying to get money transferred, etc.

The teams were able to dig out 50 feet of concrete & locate the drains so they connected the lines into the dialysis unit while others were building walls & removing the window where the two buildings will connect.

The La. team has offered to carry a suitcase back for me so when we trqavel in 2 weeks it will be less weight I have to handle.

We were last speaking of having a new nature so that we can imitate Jesus. Humility is the key to obtaining the nature of Jesus. Pride is our greatest enemy. It prevents us from being like Christ. Bowing our knee to Jesus is a prerequisite to walking in His nature. And everyone has a choice. You can bow you knee now on this side of eternity or upon your death.

A child was frightened of the loud thunder claps and lightening of a storm so she ran into her parents room. The father told her that she knew Jesus was there and she need not be afraid. Her answer was “I know He is there but I need someone with skin on”. Well, that is who Christ is. He is God with the skin on. He walked among men and suffered every temptation known to man.

My closing thought is this. Jesus never said that we were to admire Him or think well of Him. said that we were to follow Him. There is a huge difference of being an admirer of His power, love and heavenly characteristics and obedience to His personal will for me. Admiration is very easy! But do not allow it to be a copout. Follow Him by imitating His attitude towards all things.