Minor with his puppyThe boys in our house are building a little pen so that the puppies who are now walking can exercise.I am trying to get everything ready for Tim before we leave. Tony is trying to get all of the sponsor letters done so we can take them with us.Recent surveys were met with these responses: 33% of people say they are very happy; 50% say they were pretty happy; 15% say they are not too happy and 1% say they are not happy at all.Further responses determined when things are going well we are happy and when things are not going well we are not happy. The world says that if you desire happiness then you need to look out for number one. However, everyone eventually finds out that this does not work. Self-centeredness is not going to bring lasting happiness.

The Bile already knows that we love ourselves. No one has to teach us that we need to love ourselves. Jesus says in Mathew 19 that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves. He knew we could relate to that because everyone loves themselves. Jesus was telling us we love ourselves and that is a no brainer. If we loved others like we love ourselves it would be a wonderful world indeed.We need to learn how to deny ourselves. An anagram not original to me is JOY.

J is Jesus
O is others
Y is you.It is this order that will make all things well!!