This was a good Sunday. Dozens of teenagers responded to the altar call. I spent the afternoon studying more about the 12 Minor Prophets.

Dottie and the other women had a shower for Mariella as her wedding to Mario approaches.

I only have about a dozen university still not enrolled but at least half will finish their enrollment this week.

When Meryl Streep celebrated her 50th birthday she said “All I want is more time. That is what I want and nobody can give that to me”. Nearing death, Queen Elizabeth the First said “All my possessions for a moment of time”.

No one can give us more time and we have no idea when our lives will end. Paul realized that death was a promotion for a Christian. When he said that to live is Christ and to die was gain he knew exactly what he was saying. Death is a joy for a child of God. It is the beginning—-not the end of life.

The average person fears growing old and the thought of dying. But Paul said that he was ready to break camp. Take down the tent and pack it up and head home. Tents get old and wear out just like our bodies. Paul was ready to depart. Physically he had been through so much abuse and pain that it is little wonder as to why he was ready to pack the tent up and head to the house.

If you asked me to take a trip with you free of charge it might excit me for a while until I found out you were going to a leper colony off of an African coast. But if you made me the same offer and said we were going to a tropical island I would be pretty happy.

It is the destination that gets me excited. In 3 weeks Dottie and I will head towards home in Louisiana. Every day between now and then will be filled with that expectation. There is still much work to do before we board the plane but the thought of the trip makes the work seem easy.

I know where I am going eternally and I know that I have much to do. If I stay busy doing what God called me to do then the trip will come at the right time.

We all are going on a final trip. What is your destination??