Another Miracle

A number of years ago I was called to our gate and there was a young 14 year old girl standing there, She said “Would you take my sisters?” My answer was “I cannot just take children without paper work from a judge. What about your parents?”

She said “My parents are dead and I work in a factory. I can feed my sisters but I cannot educate them. And if they do not study they will be just like me.” It broke my heart and when I discovered that her parents had been killed 2 years earlier and she was caring for her sisters and herself for over two years I was totally taken back by the story. Immediately I said “What about you? Wouldn’t you like an education?” She said “That would be more than God could do for me.”

So I went to court and they have been here ever since. Celia, the one who came to the gate, has finished all of her class work and also has finished her nursing practicum. In September she will take here nursing exams. Soon she and Victor Hugo will be married.

Her sisters, Angelica and Marta, are both in college. What Christ has done in their lives is another of those miracles where a decision made over 10 years blossoms into a bouquet of His love.