A Miracle Reunion

Today is July 2, 2011 and 17 years ago a child who had no name came to Casa. It was deemed to be about 5 years old and the judge named him Byron Rene’.

He never knew who he was or who his family was. He has been such a good son all of these years and is now in college. Also he is training for part time work at KFC.

Today at 11:30pm his life was forever changed. Knocking on our gate was his mother. Gladys asked if he desired to see her and he immediately said “Yes”.

When he arrived at the gate he embraced her and they both cried. I stayed away as did Gladys then we all cried. She sid that when we ran the mandatory ad in the paper as required when a small child is discovered abandoned she saw his photograph. But when it mentioned that he was at Casa she knew he was safe and that he could have the life she never could have given him.

Now that he was 22 years old she wanted to meet him and for him to know her. She lives in Jutiapa and has 3 other children younger than Rene’. There are two boys and a girl so he has a family.

I have told stories of miracles for years but this is one of the greatest that I have ever experienced. Why? Because just last night we had a praise and prayer time from 7pm until 2am this morning. One of the specific prayers was “Father, please restore my family” and one who came forward for me to pray with was Rene’. I do not have words to express the total joy I feel in my heart.