“In the summer of 1997, a man I barely knew invited me to go to a place I had never heard of. This place called Guatemala and the week I stayed there changed my life and that of my family forever.

Although the ministry had been existence a few years, I had entered at a time where the needs were greater than ever for housing and other facilities for the growing population of abandoned and abused children being sent there by the Government. As a contactor I saw where I could use my skills and relationships in the industry to help meet some of these needs. Under the leadership of the man I barely knew, Jerry Caffey, I became part of one of the most remarkable and significant building projects I could have imagined. For the next decade we would bring 100’s of people to Casa to experience the ministry and the wonder of being able to build facilities and relationships that would leave the giver and the receiver changed forever.  Jerry Caffey and I remain today the closest of friends. I am so thankful for his obedience to the Lord to have the courage to reach out to someone he had never met and invite him to be a part of miraculous work in small Central American Village called San Bartolome’.

Now 20 + years later the young children that were always eager to help with projects during these early years are now the new leadership for Casa. Mike’s shared his vision of this very thing on my second trip to Casa. I didn’t have the faith to see that at the time, but through his consistent leadership and obedience to God, the faith of many has been strengthened after seeing this develop as the Lord had shown him.

These professionals will carry the ministry into the future long after we that were a part of the beginning are gone to be with the Lord. For me to now mentor this leadership team in my capacity as Board Chair, I am constantly reminded of the faithfulness of the Lord and His promise to hear our prayers. To say I’m humbled would be an understatement, I am so grateful that God chose a Contractor from Tennessee to watch His magnificent plan unfold to rescue children and use them to change a nation. 

I’ve been to Guatemala now over 100 times and each trip has its different story that has been part of shaping my life. The relationships made there are priceless. Being afforded the opportunity to watch small children that weren’t given a fair chance for a beginning become Christ followers, educated, husbands, wives and mothers, fathers shows me how the love of Christ can change entire generations and that’s what Casa has done for thousands of kids.

One of my favorite stories:

On one of my first trips to Casa a young boy would always be where I was. He wanted to help me, sit with me, eat with me and worship with me. His name was Carlos, actually the first Carlos ever brought to Casa. He is pictured me with me above. We have maintained a father/son relationship for over 22 years now. We see each other each time I’m there and communicate weekly. Carlos graduated from high school at Casa and now has only one year left to have his college degree. He has a great job where he often is promoted and rewarded for his accomplishments. He has his own home and sacrificially helps his family. He chooses as an adult to have a close relationship with Jesus Christ and looks forward to having a family of his own one day. This is only one of countless examples of young people that have called Casa home and have had their lives transformed through the Casa experience.”