“I am on a ministry team with Gladys Godoy here at Casa and I am teaching 40 youth from four different dorms in a discipleship group that seeks to grow spiritually in Jesus Christ. We meet on various nights and attend occasional Christian events off campus. I also teach Bible at our Christian school and occasional Biblical messages at our staff vigilia.

I became a Christian in 1973 and received a call to ministry in 1976.  My family received salvation in the same week.  My amazing family include two brothers and sisters living in the state of Washington, my wife, Kathleen (and she is a blessing), my son Jim, yet single, has studied for missions and now lives in North Dakota and my daughter Ellena, who married Hiona of New Zealand, lives there now and has one daughter and three sons.

My education and background include a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Northwest Nazarene College and a Master of Divinity from Nazarene Theological Seminary.  I’ve had the pleasure to serve as Associate Pastor in a Nazarene Church and serving as leader or co-leader in children and youth ministries in several Church of Nazarene, Assembly of God, Baptist and other churches.

Since February of 2013, I have served with my wife Kathleen as dorm parents in Buen Pastor and Esperanza Abajo, a Discipleship ministry since January of 2016, and Bible teacher in our Christian school since January 2018.  My journey to Casa began with a call to minister to children and youth in poverty.  God brought Guatemala to my attention and through a website of Christian Orphanages in Guatemala, Kathleen and I decided to visit Casa.  During our visit, we felt led to serve as missionaries at Casa, and arrived here after 7 months of preparation.

I love these kids as if they were my own, and love being able to bless them and help them receive salvation and grow spiritually.”