“The woman’s bible study group I was a part of had been visiting Casa Aleluya to specifically love on the teenage and high school girls that usually don’t get much attention.   I was excited to go with them and “fill up love tanks” of those girls who don’t always get the love and support they need.

What amazed me from my first visit was the JOY! Every child at Casa is placed there by the court system and walk through the doors alone with no material possessions.  Yet, despite all of this, their JOY is contagious! Jesus is redeeming, transforming and restoring these precious children. They have joy, peace, and healing through the Holy Spirit through the mighty work of GOD! Casa Aleluya changes not only the lives of children in Guatemala, but the lives of those who work to help them know the life-giving love of Jesus. You can’t help but want that same level of Joy, Peace and Love for Jesus that these children have!”

Jessica Jones and her family are part of the Woodlands United Methodist Church near Houston, Texas.  The Woodlands, Jessica and her family have been active in leadership at Casa for many years. She is also a successful business woman, providing financial and investments advise through an international financial services firm.