“My mission at Casa Aleluya is to ensure the well-being of every person in the ministry.  I am a respecter of people regardless of their religion, beliefs, background social status or preferences.  I value personal responsibility, sensitivity, generosity and warmth, and hope everyone who visits Casa will desire to get to know me.

I am a doctor and surgeon with a specialty in pediatrics, plus I have studied 1 year of business administration and am an expert accountant with a specialty in commercial computing.

I am at Casa because, in short, God sent me here.  I was in my house one morning when a friend called, and she indicated that they needed someone to come to cover a few days at the Casa clinic for the dates of November and December.  So, I called to be interviewed and my plan was only to support those dates, but as I say, God is the one who decides what happens in My life every day. When I was at the entrance to Casa, I realized I had already seen the image of the Casa entrance many years ago.  It was at that moment I reminded myself of talking to my mother about having seen this same image in my dreams and she told me God would let you know when you will be in that place.  That’s why I say God sent me here.

What matters most to me is to work in an environment of peace and harmony.  For me, working at Casa is such a place.  Of course, children often need to heal their bodies, but an even more important thing is to heal their souls that have been broken.  I tell them that God is the one who has decided that they are here, and that they see they are not a family of blood, but they are a family in the love of Christ who loves them and cares about them and wants the best for them.

Thank you, God bless you for giving your support and unconditional love to every child you help.”