“Before coming to Casa Aleluya, I was completely unaware that God existed and I was always a rebel to my mother. After God transformed my life through the love of Papi and Mami (Mike and Dorothy) and his Word, I understood that I must forgive the people who have hurt my family. My desire is to serve at Casa as long God allows it and my family supports me, and to move forward and achieve the dreams and goals that God has determined for my life. 

I am a House Parent and supervisor dorm named Los Angelitos.  Although I do not have a degree related to the care of children, I have a deep sense to serve the children who enter the doors of Los Angelitos.  I love working with babies because I get to share love with them just as God gave it to me through other people like Papi and Mami. My education includes a bachelor’s degree in science and letters with a computer orientation. 

I have been working for Casa for 15 years in different areas and that has allowed me to grow in the workplace and serving God through children. 

I came to Casa Aleluya because my father died very young and after his death, many family problems arose for the next 2 and a half years. Then, the judge determined that the best option would be to be sent to a home. (Casa Aleluya) 

My prayer is for the world to know the love of God is infinite and that is why he created this wonderful place to transform the lives of many children through his Word. Thank you for all the support you provide to Casa and for all the love you give children. “