“I grew up in Casa Aleluya from the age 12 – I am currently 19 years, and I am well blessed.  My passion is serving the needy, sharing love and compassion to renal children, and showing the love of God to others.

I am a Nursing Assistant and trained as a Hemodialysis Technician, so my role at Casa is serving the children who are in kidney failure and in need of Peritoneal or Hemodialysis Dialysis to prolong their lives.  Children in the dialysis program range from 5 to 18 years old and it is truly amazing to see God’s faithfulness in my ministry to these kids.

I am so grateful for all the support from contributors, missionaries and teams.  Without your contribution, it would not possible to carry out our mission at Casa Genesis.  You are angels of the most needy and thank you for the wings that carry you forward.  May God bless you today and always so that the hands they give will never be empty.”