Principles of success #4

Thank you for praying. Adam and Chad were able to get the water tanks fixed as they await the new parts.

We attended services at Hopewell Baptist as the temperature is dropping & rain forecasted.

The Parade

The seventh principle of success is obedience to the law. “Let every soul be subject to the higher higher powers”. Romans 13:1. We would avoid much of the extra costs had we just ignored the laws that are in place in Guatemala concerning homes for children. They now have an American mindset and the laws are difficult and expensive. But God tells us to obey our authorities and this is what we are doing.

8) Prayer is a dynamic key to success. I Thessolonians 5:17 “Pray without ceasing” and I assure you any success that will be long lasting must be bathed in prayer.

Isn’t it amazing that no matter what area I choose to share with you on these little devotions usually returns to the topic of prayer?

You cannot get the mind of the Leader unless you speak with Him and in our case as Christians speaking is praying to our Heavenly Father and Supervisor. Just a daily walk with God will give you direction, peace and comfort as well as the assurance you are going where He wants you to go.