Hungry and Thirsty

Dottie fixed ham with the trimmings for lunch then we handed out the money to the children from their sponsors.

I asked the discipleship team to present the Lord’s Supper in the evening. A number of teens got saved.

I do not think I mentioned it but Adam & Chad did repair the water problem.

We have a new little boy, Alex, in dialysis so that fills all the beds in the current dialysis building.

Orlando is the official photographer for Casa

Ther are over one billion people in the world who are poor; 400 million are malnourished and 40,000 childre die of hunger every day!

Not only does Jesus tell us to feed the hungry but He also said we are to give drink to the thirsty. On the cross Jesus said, “I thirst” and I do not want to over spiritualize the saying. But although I know He was physically thirsty I believe that He was thirsty for His home with His Father.

I feel that within the heart of every man is a desire for home even though they may not believe in God. There is a thirst in humans that says this cannot be all there is to life. There must be something beyond these physical bodies.

People thirst for our love and thirst for acceptance. God still loves the world and now He loves the world through us. If we do not demonstrate His love how will they know what He has done for them. Matthew 25:35 says, “I was thirsty and you gave me drink”. How is that possible? Well, each glass of milk my children drink because of your financial help is a glass given to Jesus.

Thirst for liquids is our greatest thirst even more than hunger or sex. For us to meet the needs in the lives of others is the manner in which you satisfy the love of God for the world.