Josh & Carla arrived & others are making their way from the states for graduation, etc. this Friday. Sue is helping Dottie make the bouquets for the quienceaneras.

Civil wedding for Ricardo and Dorothy
Civil wedding for Ricardo and Dorothy

As we conclude our story of Hezekiah let us look at what we learn. First, make worship a part of your life. I am not speaking of singing the 1st, 2nd and 4th lines of hymns in your church. I am speaking of a holy worship. It should be a private, praising, hand-raising and loud voice to our Creator.

The world has crowded God out of what should be most important to us. The Super Bowl, World series, Olympics, SEC championship and NBA or NCAA basketball championships get more screaming, yelling, fist pumping, hand raising in three hours then God, our savior and Father, gets in the life time of the average person who refers to himself as a Christian.

If you jump higher in and Alabama/LSU football game then you do for Jesus you need to search your heart.

Second, we learn from Hezekiah that we can pray BIG prayers and God will answer.

Third, find your answers in the Bible. Hezekiah was a student of the Word. If it is not on your reading list your life will starve. It is your daily bread.

Last, what happens after I am gone will mean much more than what has happened in my life. It is what I leave behind. It is those I leave behind. If I do not leave a legacy for Jesus then all the trophies, accolades and awards are sounding brass.

Make a difference now that will affect those who follow you.