How would you like 400 wives or so? Since I fell the other day Sebastian, Dottie and every other male or female has said that I will go to the doctor today. So I did! The specialist said I had a huge bruise in 4 places but nothing broken.

Last night I misspelled many words on my update because I am so upset that someone has gotten into our website and have kept people from using it. If you give financially that way please just for the time being send your money to Lake Charles. I am so sorry. My board believes it to be sabotage.

Dorothy is marrying in a few weeks and she came bouncing in to tell me that she has passed everything and will receive her college diploma in one month. I am so blessed for her.

Jim and Adam are taking the discipleship team to an 6pm until 1am vigilia(praise, worship, dramas and preaching) at Fraternidad in the city tonight.

It has been a very difficult month but God stays so faithful. Aren’t you glad? He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Dorothy: Now a college graduate
Dorothy: Now a college graduate

God is so neat? Don’t you think? He raises up a heathen nation to destroy the heathen nation who had taken His people into captivity. Just like God raised up communist Russia to destroy Nazi Germany he raises up Persia under the leadership of Cyrus in 539BC to deliver His people.

God used a heathen, Nebuchadnezzar, to punish His people and then He uses Cyrus and Artaxerxes to deliver them. Isn’t God something? We have seen one of the worst examples of democracy and presidential election in the history of America but God has proved throughout all of history that the hearts of kings and the power of nations are in His hands. God ill have His Way, His Will and His Results!

Ezra’s job was not to construct anything. He was sent to Jerusalem to teach the Law to the people. Three times in chapter 7 we read that the hand of God was upon Ezra. See verses 6, 9, 28. He cannot swing a hammer or drive a nail but he is filled with the Word of God. Ezra 7:9 says, “He set his heart to study the law and to practice it and to teach His statutes and ordinances to Israel”.

What I take away from this is thousands of people read their Bible but precious few expose the Word to others in their life. Ezra was not satisfied just knowing the scriptures He wanted others to know Them also. To return to Jerusalem physically was exciting but Ezra wanted them to return to Jerusalem spiritually.

He will preach repentance and it will quickly come and all of Jerusalem is filled with a knowledge of God. His courage and compassion brings the Word once again to God’s people.

Now we need to rebuild the Temple and the walls as God has rebuilt His people. People before buildings!!!