Dr. Miguel came to tell me goodbye as he leaves for Japan tomorrow.

I made 30 radio shows & lost my voice in the process.

. Baptism


Yesterday we saw the first son, Ruebon, born to Leah. She shows him to Jacob and says, “Behold I have a son”. She was trying to win his heart away from Rachel to herself. Yet Jacob does not want her even though Rachel, his favorite cannot bear children.

Leah has a second child, Simeon which means “See my pain”. She wants Jacob to understand how difficult her life of rejection and being unloved is affecting her. The third son, Levi, means “Attach” and she is saying to Jacob I need your love and I want to be near to you. Living with someone who pushes you away is heart breaking.

But then she has her fourth son, Judah which means “Praise”. She is refocusing. Now she begins to look to God. She was now focusing on what she had and not what she lacked. It is through the line of Judah that Messiah will come. She is at a point where she knows this child is for God and not for Jacob.

God chose Leah for Jacob but Jacob chose Rachel for himself. When we choose against God we will pray a tremendous price as all of you who read your Bible know. The suffering of Jacob will rival the pain and suffering of Job.

You cannot neglect your wife and expect to be blessed. I Peter 3 tells us to honor our wife. If we do not then God will not hear our prayers. I wonder how many men are walking around wondering why they are not blessed when back at their home is a wife they do not show love or honor or even kindness to.

God knows our loneliness and Leah begins to develop a relationship with God.