Oscar our son the architect took Felipe to Santiago to get permission to cross the back road with a pipe from transition house, the church & Ezdras’s house. Real professionals!

Tomorrow we will have water baptism. The ministry team is doing a wonderful job. Gladys will baptize the girls and Ezdras the boys.

All the little baby dorm boys came into my bedroom to say goodnight.

The dollar has dropped significantly. It is down to 7.36 this morning.

We are sad that Pastor cannot come to Casa this year.

We are sorry that Pastor Dace could not come to Casa this year.

Of all the characters in the Bible I think I identify with Elijah more than any other person. Not because he was a prophet or that God worked miracle after miracle in his life. I identify him because after seeing God do so much in his life he went through a period of depression, fatigue and forgetfulness. I am so guilty of that type of Christian life. In fact, James wrote that Elijah “was a man subject to like passion as we are”. So he was just like we are today.

Think about it. There had been three great (not good) kings in the history of Israel. They were Saul, David and Solomon. Then there was a great civil war and out of that war a new king and queen arose. Ahab is written in the Bible as the most evil king Israel would have. His wife was even more terrible. In fact, the Book of Revelations even speaks of the spirit and evilness of Jezebel.

Into these times comes Elijah who challenges Ahab and Israel. Ahab and Jezebel want to destroy all knowledge and worship of Jehovah but God sends this mighty man to challenge them. It will become the Battle of the Gods.