The First Woman

Arolodo takes two of our hemodialysis children to a hospital in Escuintla. This hospital also provides dialysis for convicts. Yesterday, 3 patients and 2 policemen were killed at the hospital by gunmen. Praise God! Our children were not there.

Dottie’s eye has not improved so there will be no 3rd injection. The optomologist is suggesting surgery in 2 months but no guarantee of success. She needs extra prayers.


Genesis 2:18 “It is not good for men to live alone; I will make a helper for him”. The name Eve means “the mother of all things”. She was born innocent and she enjoyed a relationship with her husbandwho had the most incredible relationship with God Himself.

They lived in a perfect world and enjoyed all of the creation of God. Total marital bliss with the perect man. God wants all men to have a companion and a counterpart or balance to himself.

But Eve is tempted by the snake, Satan, and she questions God. She follows the advice of Satan and not the instructions of God. She eats the fruit and eventually death, murder and a life of misery enters her perfect home. She went from being the only woman in history to have a perfect husband in a perfect world. Yet she wanted more!

Sin is always near and temptations abound in our daily lives. But I have learned that Dottie and I can trust His Word, follow His will and stand fast. Our marriage is not perfect but God gave us the most wonderful promise. If we obey we will be blessed. In reality we can make our own Paradise if Jesus lives in it with us.