In 1989 the Lord sent us a child who was terribly abused and unloved. When I went to the government home to get her she was only 8 years old and refused to even look at me. I took her to buy clothes and to get something to eat. For two weeks she did not speak and then one morning she came down the stairs and noticed Jorge’ was hugging me. She came near and kissed my cheek and said “Buenos Dias” and from that point on I knew the hand of God was upon her.

She grew to become our social worker which is did for 12 years and now I have named her my personal assistant. She teaches Bible to the teenage girls and is on the discipleship team to prepare our teens to minister outside the walls of Casa. She is taking seminary courses to be grounded as a youth minister.

Her name is Gladys and she is now my personal assistant as we continue to transition Casa. God has blessed me so very much by having her as a daughter.