Incredible young people! Sara & Patty are doing the clothes. Josue’ is getting pants for all the boys. The older girls are paying for & preparing 2 banquets. Oscar & Billy are buying school pants for all the high school. Chad & Abby are getting the gifts for the baby dorm. Dorm parents are doing their part with getting shoes. They are trying to make iChristmas easier on me which is the kindest gift of all.

The Mississippi team is having a movie and snacks for the older children tonight.

Dedicating another baby
Dedicating another baby

Did you ever wonder why God created Adam and then waited an unknown time before creating Eve? He knew that Adam would need a mate so why did God wait? I believe He waited until Adam realized that He needed someone with whom He could share the love God that had poured out on him through those year when Adam and God walked together in the garden.

Adam needed to share the love(Agape).

So many Christians as well as non-Christians spend their entire adult lives trying to be good enough to please God. You cannot earn acceptance from God by doing good works. God does not think badly about His children no matter how goofy they are. “Love THINKS no evil”. I Corinthians 13:5. The devil loves to kick us when we mess up. He is a liar and tells you that you are not good enough for God to love you. He is attempting to stop you from loving others because he convinces you that you are not worth loving.

Just like Adam we have to come to the realization that the tremendous, unconditional love of God is to be shared with others. It does not mean every person should marry but it means that true Agape cannot be withheld. It must be given and shared with others.