Lover or Worker

Incredible young people! Sarah & Patty are sorting all the clothes for Christmas. Josue’ is purchasing all the pants for the older boys. The band heeded by Oscar & Billy are buying school pants for all high school boys with their own money. Gladys & the older girls are purchasing everything & preparing the food for the two banquets. Chad & Abby are giving all the gifts for the baby dorm. Every house aren’t is helping with various items. Teams have brought shoes or money for shoes so that all of the children will receive a pair of tennis shoes as well as school shoes. Sue & Brandi made jewelry bags for all the girls. They are all working to make Christmas easier for Dottie and me.

The Mississippi team had a movie and snacks for the children last night.

First rehearsal for graduation. Mateo & Deborah are in front and will walk the quineaneras in.

First rehearsal for graduation. Mateo & Deborah are seated in front and will walk the quineaneras in.

What makes life worthwhile is you are never a worker but always a lover. It is the love of your relationships and your responsibilities that make you successful. So many people see their job, their ministry or even their marriage as work. Therefore they go through the motions. This lack of love is what causes people to quit or to walk away. Work was part of the curse given to Adam and Eve so work is not something we naturally enjoy.

But when you love God with that Agape love nothing separates you from Him. There will never be a time where you give up on someone or something. Other people cannot offend you and make you quit. If you have Agape love you will keep going. Nothing can separate you from others. Even in difficult times you love because for us you it is not work.

Paul said in Ephesians 3:17 that we should be “rooted and grounded in love”. Rooted refers to what you plant. To be rooted in love means nothing will destroy you. No matter how bad the situation is you will stay put. You will continue until the end.

Grounded in love refers to what you build. It means that you will build relationships, your marriage and your ministry on Agape. The foundation is so solid that you cannot be moved from your responsibilities. Many begin but few stay. The difference is that love will always trump work.

If you see everything around you as an opportunity to love then nothing you ever do will be difficult. You will never walk away from your marriage, your ministry or your responsibilities.

The question is “Are you a worker or a lover?”.

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