In 1989 Dottie and I arrived in Guatemala with fear and trembling not with great overcoming faith. My mind was filled with questions such as: “What have I done?” and “Did I really hear God call me to do this?”. Two months later a 5 month old baby was brought to us by his father who asked if we would watch his son for 8 months.

His mother died in child birth and the father did not want to give the child away into adoption. It thrilled us and when the 8 months were up we were broken hearted as the date of his departure arrived. The father did not show up until 18 months later. He loved Dottie and saw how Josue’ love Dottie also.

So here it is 26 years later and Josue’ is a college graduate, a very strong Christian and director of Telemedicine. He is part of the future of Casa. He was the “child of promise” as Dottie called him who gave us the peace that we had heard from God.

His father is still part of our lives and is the man God has used to allow Casa, the children here and sponsors to build over 125 churches, homes for pastors and Christian schools.

A little child shall lead them.