Second Chance #2

I worked on the finances while other office staff is working on two major reports: the sanitation certification and the CNA report which is permission to operate. Due to Walter’s accident we were behind but everyone is working to get it done.


My surgeon remving the cast from Bryan following his surgery.
My surgeon remving the cast from Bryan following his surgery.


Jonah was given a second chamce and he obeyed God this time but still with a bad attitude. He did it because it was not comfortable riding the seven seas in the belly of a whale. When God gives us a second chance it is because we failed the first time.

I never tell a college student that they cannot return to school if they fail something their first semester. I always give them a second chance. University studies are very different then our school here at Casa. The transition has to be difficult.

However everything depends upon me after I fail. Will I accept the opportunity to try again? Do I allow my failure to mark me as a loser and thus of no more use to God? Mike and Dottie can tell you that if God gives you a second chance–TAKE IT! Close to divorce twice–near to walking away from ministry–burned out in Guatemala we just wanted out. But God gave us another chance. It was not the 2nd chance it wwas the 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc chance.

I have seen the same in many of my children. If God could use them when their attitude was bad or they were hard-hearted how much more can He use them once they have a new heart and attitude.

OK! So you fell!! Now get up and move towards Him!!