Shop ’til you drop

Jim and I spent the last two days trying to get the last of the Christmas shopping done for our girls. We were able to get (with some help from Mike) some much-needed new sofas for the girls’ sala. They should be delivered next week as an early Christmas surprise for the girls! We also found some of the final items to use as stocking stuffers. We got each of the girls a stocking while we were in the States last month for my mom’s birthday. They will get their presents from Mike and Dottie at the banquet on the 23rd, but we will give them their stocking of goodies on Christmas Day. It took Jim and I about 5 hours on Wednesday to order the sofas and go to Walmart and Cemaco. Then on today, Jim spent another 5 1/2 hours getting the things we didn’t/couldn’t get Wednesday. But I think we’re pretty well set, Praise God, and can shift our focus to things around the house!

God bless!
Jim & Kate