Let the baking begin

With Jim’s share of the turkeys done (10 in all I think), he cleared out space in the freezer and refrigerator so I could start my cookies. I had one of the girls come in and help me prepare the dough for the slice-and-bake cookies because that had to go into the freezer at least overnight (or until whatever day we decide to make that kind). Then, after borrowing cooling racks from Candy and Angie (thank you sooo much, ladies), I mixed up the dough for the cookie cutter cookies and put it to chill overnight. Tomorrow a group of the girls wil help me cut out and bake the cookies which we will then freeze until it gets a little closer to Christmas. Then we will rotate groups of girls in to help decorate them when the time comes. During the week I will have different groups of girls come in and help with the baking frenzy. I have about 9 different types of cookies I want to make not only for the girls’ enjoyment, but to give to the other dorm parents and staff as well. Please pray for continued good health. It was around this time last year that I was dealing with the first bouts of kidney stones (the worst ones didn’t hit until after the first of the year). I want to be a full participant in all the festivities this year!

God bless!
Jim & Kate