Gently shaken

We’ve had 5 (yes, 5!) earthquakes today off the shore of Guatemala near Escuintla. The first one was while we were at breakfast this morning, and the most recent one was just before dinner! They ranged in magnitude from 4.4 – 5.9, with the first and last being the two strongest (5.8 and 5.9 respectively). Don’t worry, they were not enough to cause any damage for us, some went unnoticed by many (I only felt 3 of them). Will have to check the news to see how the folks on the coast fared. I was just relieved they weren’t up by San Marcos (they tend to have quite a few) because one of our jefas is up near there visiting family for the week. Please pray for those that may have been affected, and that things don’t intensify.

God bless!
Jim & Kate