Appreciation and tradition

Last night we finally got to go to the “White House” (briefly) before being redirected to the Feeding Center (the “Orange House”) outside of Chimaltenango. Brother Teddy had invited the American staff to a Christmas dinner in appreciation for all the work we do for the children at Casa. He also shared what his ministry was doing through the feeding center. We were fed A wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and peach cobbler for dessert. We also each received a small gift. The men were told to share (candy and home-made goodies), but the women were told they didn’t have to (body lotion).

When we got home, the girls said they had a tradition where the “man of the house” put the star on the top of the Christmas tree and lit it. So Jim got out the ladder and did the honors. Then the girls brought out letters they had made that spelled out “Merry Christmas”. They gave me the “M” for Merry and told me to tape it to the wall. Then each girl that had a letter came up and taped their letter in place. After the letters were in place, the girls got the reindeer they had made and taped them on the wall around the letters. Then the photo session began! Group photos, individual photos, photos with friends, photos with Jim and I….lots and lots of photos! Finally we sent all our girls off to bed and went to fall into ours as well! It was a memorable evening all around.

God bless!
Jim & Kate